The Systemic Lives Podcast

Welcome to the Systemic Lives recordings of talks with leading contributors to the systemic field with Shila Rashid (and sometimes Gail Simon!)



Sharon Bond

In this episode, Dr Sharon Bond talks with Shila Rashid about her early years, key influences, her emergent political awareness and the synergy between systemic thinking and politics for living and working as a Black woman in London, the importance of resiliance, and why she set up Chi-Ron systemic training institute.



Sheila McNamee

Welcome to key social constructionist contributor, Sheila McNamee talking with Shila Rashid. Listen in to Sheila reflecting with Shila on her family, early influences and how her life in social construction unfolded.



Imelda McCarthy

Imelda McCarthy talks with Shila Rashid about her life growing up in Ireland, becoming part of an international wave of Milan systemic therapy, creating an Irish approach through The Fifth Province and putting class, culture, and poverty of the systemic map.



Harlene Anderson

Harlene Anderson speaks with Gail Simon about her childhood in Texas, about her family, their vision and her move into psychology and family therapy. The rest is herstory! Listen on...



Laura Fruggeri

Laura Fruggeri reflects with Gail Simon on her upbringing in a politicised family, in an Italy that was attuned to both workers' rights and challenging mainstream psychiatry. She describes the development of systemic therapy as arising in repsonse to both of these influences and the coherence with her own socio-psychologica analysis.


Monica McGoldrick

Monica McGoldrick talks with Gail Simon about early influences from her family and the many colleagues with whom she pioneered work with families. 


Charlotte Burck