Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Relational Practice


Dear Contributors and Reviewers,

Before submitting to or reviewing for this journal, we invite you to read papers in the journal and the information in this section: about the journal to familiarise yourself with the ethos and objectives of the journal.

Some things to hold in mind...

  • This is a relationally oriented practice journal. While the focus is on systemic practice and research, it can include other related relational practice and theory.
  • The focus is on systemic and relational practice across different professions and disciplines. In particular, on the aesthetics and science of movement, coordination, sound, balance, effect and so on.
  • Practitioner writing is a form of inquiry with a commitment to transparency and providing much contextual detail.
  • Contributors and reviewers are expected to speak in the first person and write or create audio-visual pieces with an audience in mind. 
  • Papers need to demonstrate critical thinking about the cultural and socio-political contexts in which practice, the life of practitioners and their conversational partners are taking place.
  • Papers need to reflect a balance of sources/references which reflect ethnicity, gender, age, culture, sexual orientation and other areas of lived experience, history or identity which have been or are subject to oppression.
  • Please find ways of including rich and reflexive discussion with other writers from systemic and other disciplines.
  • This is a trans-professional and international journal so please explain all terms and describe the context for your subject or practice clearly, and describe institutions or cultural practices in your community or country. 
  • Papers are normally between 4500 - 7500 words. 


Submission Process

  • Please submit your paper through the website.
  • Multimedia: Send the editors an email describing your submission and why you think it is suited to Murmurations. Include a Dropbox or WeTransfer 
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your submission and send it to be reviewed anonymously by two reviewers.
  • You will usually receive feedback within 8 weeks.


Writing a Review

Reviewers, please read 12 Steps to Writing a Review. Do suggest any amendments to this guidance.


Reviewer Options

  • Accept with No Changes.
  • Accept with Minor Revisions (e.g. some minor restructuring, typographical, grammatical, minor additional content needed)
  • Accept with Major Revisions (e.g. significant restructuring, improvement in writing style, additional content, or critical thinking)
  • Reject (with recommendation for alternative routes to sharing/publication if possible).


Review Process

  • Reviewers are invited to review a paper and need to accept or decline to review the paper.
  • Accepted reviews sent to reviewer who has 6 weeks to review the paper and submit decision with feedback to Editors.
  • Editors communicate decision and feedback to writers.
  • Writers have 8 weeks to respond to feedback and resubmit.
  • Reviewers may be asked to review the resubmission.
  • Once the review process is complete, i) contributors receive a letter from the Editors informing them of the outcome; ii) the Editors send each reviewer a copy of the other reviewer's report and the Editor's decision letter.