Neurodiverse Online Conferencing

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Francisco Urbistondo Cano
Dawn Thibert
Gail Simon
Mairi Evans
Freda McEwen
Deni Gordon-Jackson
David Steare


You can experience this Interactive Poster that we presented at the 2022 European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. In this digital poster using the platform, MIRO, we share learning from designing and hosting the first online edition of the 3rd Autism and Systemic Practice and Research Conference. We describe how we used the online possibilities of Zoom to challenge some of the professional discourses on autism to create a more reflexive conference culture. We propose that good practice for neurodiverse attuned online conferences can be generalisable as good conference practice.

Watch this 30 second introduction to the board first:

Then view the board:

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Urbistondo Cano, F., Thibert, D., Simon, G., Evans, M., McEwen, F., Gordon-Jackson, D., & Steare, D. (2022). Neurodiverse Online Conferencing. Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice, 4(2), 155–156.
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