Who Cares? We're going on a bear hunt...

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paula kennedy
Monica Whyte


Presenting any workshop brings a level of anxiety and challenge (Mills, 2006), planning the anticipated outcomes, method of delivery and all the ancillary decisions that come because of this can often lead presenters to remain within their comfort zone and stick with the types of workshops that we as attendees have come to expect to be delivered to us at conferences (Chung, 2018). Deciding to do something radically different in a workshop involves a level of risk and adventure on the part of the presenters but also on the part of the attendees, who sign up for something that is going to be done differently.

As doctoral students on the Professional Doctorate in Systemic Practice (PDSP) we are all invited to participate in the Annual Systemic Spring School, hosted by Brathay Hall in the lake district. This year the spring school was entitled "Making NewSense of Practice and Research" and this article acts as a reflexive account of the workshop presented by us during this event.

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