A journal for relationally attuned and systemic social constructionist practitioners and practitioner-researchers with a commitment to social responsibility in community, leadership, therapy, education, organisations, health and social care.

Vol. 4 No. 2 (2022): 4.2 Autism and Intersectionality

Autism and Intersectionality: Implications for Systemic and Relational Psychotherapeutic Practice and Research

Published: 2022-04-17

Neurodiverse Online Conferencing

Francisco Urbistondo Cano, Dawn Thibert, Gail Simon, Mairi Evans, Freda McEwen, Deni Gordon-Jackson, David Steare


Autism and Systemic Practice Special Interest Group Activities

Mairi Evans, Dawn Thibert, Freda McEwen, Deni Gordon-Jackson, David Steare, Francisco Urbistondo Cano; Gail Simon


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