Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice is a peer reviewed journal published three times a year.

It is free and open access online and paper editions of each issue can be purchased on this website.

Murmurations is a journal for relationally attuned and systemic social constructionist practitioners and researchers from the playing fields of

  • therapeutic work with individuals, groups, couples and families
  • coaching, leadership, management, organisational consultancy
  • the performative and expressive arts
  • community workers and activists
  • designers of space, software, and other environments
  • professionals using relational and systemic ideas in many other contexts

Murmurations showcases innovative and leading-edge professional and research practice and methodology. The journal treats writing and visual media as opportunities for dialogue, as forms of relational practice, as a form of reflexive inquiry where the writer, artist or film maker holds the audience in mind. 

This journal reflects and creates community, and this community hosts many different cultures. We hope papers and other media will demonstrate critical and reflexive thinking, a critique of power, structural and theoretical irreverence, creativity, innovation and resistance. Gender, age, ethnicity, sex, ability along with other culturally imposed role play and enforced embodiment of what it means to be human are ready to be challenged and scripts redrawn in an interest of more equal relations.

Murmurations encourages writing and visual methods as methods of inquiry which understand knowledge as contextually produced, emergent and dependent on dialogical listeners, dialogical respondents. Contributors  are asked to speak from within, as well as about, practice.

The commitment to ethical and contextually responsive practice and research alongside a new materialist and post-human critique contrasts with a positivist pre-occupation with method-led approaches and imposed strategies for living. Murmurations invites submissions which challenge the status quo and propose alternative ways of being, seeing, doing and becoming with others to improve quality of practice, research and lives lived in this fast-moving world.

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Drawing of a murmurations on main page by Liz Day.

Articles are available in English and usually in the first language of the writer(s). The website uses Open Journal Systems.

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